Massillon, Ohio
Founded Sept. 1st 2004
"Once you have eliminated all other possibilities; whatever
remains, regardless of how improbable it may  seem, must be
the truth."

Throughout history people have feared, worshiped and been fascinated by ghosts. But
what is it about ghost that sparks people interests?  Could it be that the knowledge that
body dies, but the soul continues on, could it be an infatuation of the unknown or just
to prove that life goes on after death in a different form.

The Massillon Ghost Hunters Society believes in these core values:

We do not believe in posting orbs pictures.
We scrutinize all of our own evidence before ever releasing it to the public.
We do not use equipment that is susceptible to interference from man-made signals.
We believe in trying to better understand the paranormal through research.
We perform investigations of residential homes & businesses at no charge to the client.

The Massillon Ghost Hunting Society is committed to finding and collecting data that
will lead to a better understanding of ghosts, hauntings and paranormal activities and
why they happen, so that we may learn why ghosts have remained here after their
mortal passing.  All members have been properly trained in paranormal research and

Before any investigation research must be done to better understand the history of the
location and what events took place there in the past. This allows us to better
understand possibly who the spirit in question might be. We specialize in spirit profiling
to better understand your case.

The Massillon Ghost Hunters Society takes all investigation very serious. We perform
our investigations with integrity and respect to the client and their homes or places of
business .We do not believe in provoking during our investigation. We give all spirits the
proper respect.  Client confidentiality is also very important to us.  We will never
disclose any private information of your case to the

We investigate for spirits that linger after their mortal death by the use of digital
recorders, photographs, EMF meters and video. We reach out into the realm beyond to
receive their messages. We review all theories and methods as this is still not an exact
science. Through our paranormal research we hope to open people’s minds to a
better understanding of the afterlife.

Our team is made up of 10 members. All of them have been interested in researching
the paranormal and each brings new ideas to the table. Each of the members contribute
to the team by helping in many different area (ghost hunts, researching, ideas &
theories, each member gets involved in one way or another (but we are all active in the
group). I am very proud of the people in my group. They are always eager to
investigate research, help clients and do anything else to support the team as a whole.

I am very proud of who we are and what we do, I am pleased that each team member
has a strong drive to help people have a better understanding of ghost, and hope to learn
all we can about them.


"Death is not a goodbye, its just a I'll see you
Massillon Ghost Hunters Society® is a registered business with the State of Ohio, all rights reserved. 2004-2014
No part of this website may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means, including but not limited to,
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Solar X-rays:  

                                **Disclaimer **

We here at the Massillon Ghost Hunters Society take everything we
do very seriously.  We maintain an ethical approach to our research.
This includes following all local and state laws, more specifically the
acts of vandalism and trespassing. We highly discourage entering a
cemetery at night for legal and safety purposes. Entering a cemetery at
night is trespassing and if caught you will be arrested and/or fined.  
The Massillon Ghost Hunters Society will not be held liable for any
illegal actions taken by your personal investigations and or actions.  
Please use your best judgment and do what is ethically correct.
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